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Great for RAD and we can move our code to multiple platforms

"CodeCharge is an amazing product! In terms of code generation, CodeCharge is leading the way with its ease-of-use and support for multiple programming languages. Here in Holland people are quickly becoming aware that CodeCharge is a great RAD tool - especially for the price - when compared to Oracle and others. We recently won a development project for a Balanced Scorecard over the Oracle team who was using Oracle's Scorecard application. It is really blasting fast!"

Thomas Fisk, Web Infrastructure Manager
Mayo Clinic

The easiest way to create database-driven Web applications

"I've been using CodeCharge for a few months, and I have to say that it's the easiest way to create database-driven Web applications. With CodeCharge I've been able to provide four clients with portals in under two weeks from proof of concept to final application, and have been able to successfully leverage the final product from the first site to use as templates for the others. You have a happy user here."

Willem du Plessis
TeknoFile Limited

Easy-to-use products with miraculous customer support

"CodeCharge offers data management, ease of use, and extensibility that no other RAD tool on the market can match. I think most users of CodeCharge would agree with that sentiment, however, that is only part of the story. The level of customer service CodeCharge provides is nothing short of miraculous. In this industry it is rare to find such a high standard of customer service, especially for a product with such a low price. I'm confident YesSoftware will maintain this high level of service as they evolve and become the undisputed industry leader in this space."

Greg Remillard
Codeset Solutions (

CodeCharge ease-of-use has totally changed my job

"I found that CodeCharge is very easy to use, even for novice developers. Thanks to this ease-of-use approach, the primary direction of my job has totally changed. Even though I continue to support the Human Resources department by writing Crystal Reports, I now spend the major-ity of my time developing Web applications using CodeCharge."

"I've designed an employee awards system, an employee evaluation system, a projects/timecard system an employee profile system and several other applications. For personal use I designed a web application for my running club, and a race course certification system that I use to do calcu-lations to certify race courses."

Ken Hardwick, Staff Specialist
Kerr-McGee Corporation

Bridges the knowledge gap

"I have used CodeCharge to build various applications including WAP-enabled access to my databases and a JSP interface to my DB2/400 da-tabase - without any knowledge of the JSP programming language! Furthermore, the technical support staff was knowledgeable and helpful."

Ivano Carrara, President
Studio 5 Liguria srl - Italy

Helped transfer my programming skills to the Web

"Soon after I was hired, my job responsibilities were changed to include web development. I have many years of PC and AS/400 programming, but never did any web development. CodeCharge enabled me to succeed at this transition and deliver eye-popping database-driven web sites in a fraction of the time other tools take."

"YesSoftware's support is also outstanding. Responses are quick and they stay with you until the issue is resolved. It's now been over a year since I started web development and I have learned so much from CodeCharge. My peers see my work as professional and bug free. YesSoftware, thanks for making it possible for me to do what I love."

Frank Rocco
St. Elizabeth Medical Center

From FoxPro to Web pro!

As a Foxpro programmer I have been trying for three years to find a tech-nology that would allow me to make an interactive Web site. I tried Perl and ASP with limited success. I then found CodeCharge and for the first time was able to easily create an interactive, database-driven Web site."

Kip Dole, Software Engineer
Tacs Inc.

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